3 Strategies for Retaining Gym Members All Year Long

health club management

According to The Yoga Word, while many people join gyms in January, within five months, 80% of them have quit. If you’re tired of attracting new members only to watch them leave after a few months, it’s time to give your retention efforts another look. Today we’ll take a closer look at a few strategies for good health club management and member retention. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Provide a Robust Offering of Group Classes

When you’ve got strong health club management practices in place, you’re constantly making adjustments to meet the needs and wants of your members. A variety of different types of group classes keep members returning to the gym on a regular basis. This in turn makes their physical fitness a part of their daily routine, an outcome that benefits both the gym member and you as a gym owner.

2. Increase Social and Networking Opportunities

The more reasons that you give members to visit the gym on a regular basis, the longer they’ll keep their memberships. If you offer events like post-workout mingles or group demonstrations from local health-minded chefs, members will feel more invested in building a gym community. Hosting monthly events that are not only fun but also informative can go a long way toward membership retention. Ask members for suggestions for upcoming events to increase their level of buy-in and turnout. It may take a bit of time to gain traction, but this initiative will pay dividends once it’s off the ground.

3. Leverage Digital Marketing and Social Media

Using social media platforms and email outreach are two effective ways to engage with your members. You can highlight different types of classes, upcoming events, and even staff members so that your members feel more invested in the gym. Monthly giveaways and incentives for regular visits are two other ways to increase participation. Most members want to go to the gym regularly, or they wouldn’t have joined. Helping them get over their hesitations and make working out a regular part of their lives provides benefits to both parties. It’s definitely a win-win situation!

Good health club management includes strong member retention initiatives. If you’re tired of watching your membership roster and participation levels steadily decrease after January, we’re here to help. Contact Club Systems today to learn more about our member retention and gym management services.

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