Why You Should Begin Automatic Payments For Gym Memberships

credit card transactionsSince 2008 gym memberships across the nation have grown nearly 20% and are projected to increase an additional 23% over the next decade. With this type of expansion the health club management systems used to keep track of sales and profit should not be a burden or feel like you are always waiting to receive payment. As the owner of a gym, you will also have to handle the cost and mechanisms of handling the recurring membership fees.


It can be a challenge to find the best health club software system to balance the need for swiftness and security when providing, and protecting your consumers. As it comes time to integrate software for gym management on monthly account reports and credit card transactions, you will receive your largest savings from automating the monthly collections. If you think that using a hand-held credit card reader, in the beginning, will save you time and money, think again; this can actually be more expensive.


Financial Progression With Ease


With the hand-held credit card transactions reader, you are limited to only one single transaction at a time. Unfortunately, these devices are not set up to hold any billing information from the consumer or take recurring monthly payments. In the end, you will still have to manually enter all information into an account updater program and spend waisted hours configuring financials.


What you will need is a health club software system with low credit card rates and unlimited monthly EFT. Also, a health club billing program that enables you to take the customer’s information once and provides automatic credit card transaction charges repeatedly on a monthly basis. This type of management system allows you to spend most of your focus on other issues of running a gym and less on worrying when you’re going to get paid.


Providing this type of efficiency to your business and to your consumer’s shows how much you care about their safety and peace of mind. This creates a trustworthy bond between you and your people giving you and our business a continuous residual income. Never fearing about members and their loyalty for the next best deal gives you the freedom to focus on running your business, not just maintaining to keep the doors wide open.

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