Tips for Helping Your Gym Members Keep Their Routine


The proper exercise is the one that an individual enjoys. However, it isn’t always easy for your gym members to keep to their usual routines. While the average gym member finds themself working out two times a week, many other members struggle to go even once. Here are tips to help you support your gym members.


People enjoy things that they’re knowledgeable about and attain a degree of proficiency. And, a lack of knowledge about gym protocols, equipment use, and exercise techniques can be barriers to exercising. Learning about and practicing weight lifting, functional, yoga, or martial arts in a training or a coached group environment can prepare people to exercise independently.

Social support

It’s often easier to build and maintain a behavior or habit when your social group is supportive. Assistance from gym staff, a personal trainer, workout friends, or online resources, including your gym’s social media, can increase members’ support. Plus, your gym can offer group classes, coaching, encourage clients to involve others by providing family memberships or passes, and offer referral incentives to encourage members to bring a guest.


Accountability motivates many people. And research has shown that people who exercise in groups are more likely to see results. Some ways to encourage your guests to establish accountability is by offering coaching and classes. In addition, social media are an excellent way for clients to share their exercise journey, and you can use challenges or apps that add an element of fun or self-challenge.

Quality, Community, and Communication

Providing training classes in engaging programs or exercise classes that resonate with your members, and foster the connections between instructors, clients, and fellow class attendees. A sense of belonging helps your clients, leading to a safe and strong environment to work on meeting healthy lifestyle goals.

Endeavor to get to know your gym members. And by connecting with members on social media, you can strengthen the community and share information and educational resources. Finally, giving client satisfaction leads to membership retention and a long-term relationship with your health club or fitness studio.


Establishing a daily routine that incorporates physical activity also helps reinforce regular exercise. You can help your clients by providing shorter exercise classes and a diverse range of scheduled times. And educate members on the fact that workouts can be several smaller time blocks or they can add walking, cycling, or skateboarding to their routine.

Encourage clients to explore different types of exercise. The type of exercise isn’t as crucial as consistency, technique, knowledge, safety, and regularity. By providing exercise equipment, classes, instruction, and supporting integration, accountability, and community, you are working towards your goal of helping clients establish and maintain an exercise habit that’s challenging and rewarding.

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