Three Ways to Improve Customer Retention

gym management softwareOf people with gym memberships, 67% never actually use them. This startling number means that your business will bring in new customers, sign them up for their shiny new membership, and then never see them again. They won’t renew that membership and they certainly won’t be generating any leads. By enacting a couple of minor changes in the way you welcome incoming members, you can significantly improve your chances of creating a lasting relationship with new customers.

Invite New Members on a Tour

Joining a gym can be scary. Many people aren’t sure what to expect when they first sign up for a gym membership. Everything will be new and different, from the gym exercise equipment to the check-in software for gyms that can leave your customer feeling confused and put off. For some people, it’s merely the feeling of anxiety that occurs when beginning physical activity in public. The best way to help your customers move past these fears is by giving them a thorough tour of the facility. On the tour, you can bring attention to the beginner classes and personal trainers on staff to help alleviate anxiety. You can walk them through the check-in process so they’re prepared for their first visit. You can even offer them a number of free sessions with a personal trainer to help them understand where to start.

Utilize User Friendly Gym Management Software

One of the worst situations you might find yourself in may not even be something that directly impacts your new customers. Having effective gym management software allows you to streamline complex processes and promote confidence in your business. Member account management software can ease the process of bringing in new members and potentially allow your customers to track their fitness records and order services.

Improve Front Desk Customer Service

In addition to the software you use, the customer service at your front desk is critical to new customer retention. When your front desk personnel are properly trained in how to use your gym management system, their ability to provide effective customer service increases significantly, creating a customer service experience that is driven by a cheerful greeting and the ability to answer difficult questions with ease. Customers will draw on that experience and enjoy coming to your gym because of the positive, inviting atmosphere created by your front desk staff.

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