Three Reasons Why You Need Effective Gym Management Software

gym management softwareThe number of people with gym memberships have grown by nearly 20% since 2008. This percentage is only expected to increase- by 23% over the next ten years. With all these people streaming into the gym, why wouldn’t you have the type of gym management software that keeps these clients in the know and information well-organized? Even worse, why wouldn’t you have a software system at all?

You owe it to your clients, the ones that push themselves to get into those classes they so loyally attend, the ones that sometimes fight to get out of the house and into your gym. They’re putting their best selves forward- don’t you want to meet them where they stand with the best member account management software? If you’re still not convinced, here are three reasons why you absolutely should consider gym management software, and what it can do for your business.

Keep Track of Client Details


Is there anything worse than digging through stacks of paperwork to find out when a member joined or if they’re up for any promotions? Probably not. Plus, sorting through endless piles of paperwork like that is a huge waste of time. With effective fitness studio software, keeping track of clients on old-fashioned paperwork will no longer be a problem. The right software can organize all client information, from addresses to phone numbers to annual dates, all in one place and with no need to do any number crunching.

Set Up Auto-Billing

No one likes an overdue bill: not the person receiving it, and not the person sending it. If you want to avoid those headaches once and for all, auto-billing is the way to go. Implementing a billing system for gyms makes your job much easier, plus it avoids the headache of missed monthly bills for your clients. You’ll have membership dues in hand without having to stress about figuring out when a client’s payments are due; you’ll have an efficient system in place to keep track of that information in your stead. Payments made on time will make it much easier to pay your employees as they should be.

Self-Service Options


Keeping track of the clients that check into the gym can be done two ways: employ someone to man the front desk at all times, or switch to automated check ins. Having an employee at the front desk means someone is away from other duties like teaching classes, maintaining locker room safety, or keeping the gym area clean and hazard-free. It’s also unlikely that a single employee can handle front desk duties on their own, which means you’ll have to draw another employee away from working in other areas to cover breaks or work a shift at the front desk.


By switching to a self-service kiosk, you can eliminate the need for constant surveillance at the front desk. This gym management software allows clients to utilize technology to complete their check in, and if they have questions or want to view a schedule of events, for instance, that same technology can be used for several different purposes. An automated check in also allows you to gather data, such as tracking clients who have not been in for a while and perhaps need an email reminder or a phone call. You can also use that data in the opposite manner- rewarding clients that come in regularly or bring a friend.

It’s easy to stick with the traditional way of doing things, but if you want your business to evolve as modern times change, it’s vital to consider gym management software. Not only does this software improve your work life and the functionality of your business, but it offers countless benefits to your clients as well. And at the end of the day, your clients are the ones that allow your business to continue operating, so isn’t it best to consider those clients and their needs? Definitely.

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