The Benefits of Using Check In Software at Your Gym

check in software for gyms

It is estimated that approximately 67% of people that have a membership to the gym never use it. This is devastating news for gym and fitness club owners, who see a full roster but rows of empty treadmills. One tool that may work to improve gym attendance is the use of check in software for gyms. Find out more about the many benefits of this software, and discover how it would be useful for your club.

Give Promotions and Contests

A key benefit of check in software for gyms is that it can offer club owners the opportunity to send promotions to their clients. This could aid in member retention. Promotions that get the attention of gym members may increase gym attendance.

These promotions could include events or contests that get people in the gym. A promo with a gift bag to the first 100 members every second Wednesday could drive membership up. It would have members looking forward to more as well.

Put Members in Control

A check-in software program could release some control to the members, so they have more input into their membership. Rather than waiting every month for the money to come out of their accounts, they could use an online portal to switch it up. This could include managing their own payments, changing their profiles, and feeling connected to the gym.

This kind of portal could also help them to manage their own health better. They may have more control over how to join classes, how to get a personal trainer, and how to stay on top of their cardio.

To Attract New Members

Along with keeping existing members, check in software for gyms will also enable you to attract new members. This can be done by using the tool to send emails, push notifications, or send out mass promotions to new leads.

Try out the software with some of your old lists. See if an automated service with new promotions and a new interface will help attract new leads. Every new lead matters in a world where gym attendance is down.

Connect With Check-In Software

Gym membership is down today, and gym club owners are doing everything they can to combat that problem. Check in software for gyms will make a difference in your own productivity to start. Bring check-in software to your club membership today to see if it makes a difference in member morale.

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