Optimizing Your Gym for Seniors

gym management system

More seniors than ever are enjoying gym memberships. According to the Centers for Disease Control, people who are 65 or older should exercise at a moderate pace for 150 minutes each week, or at a higher intensity of 75 minutes per week. Many seniors are heeding the call to get more exercise. How can you optimize your gym to meet the needs of this important demographic? Start with an easy-to-use gym management system and make the following changes.

Make It Easier for Seniors to Become Members

An easy-to-use gym management system can be exactly what gets a senior’s attention. When a senior joins a gym, they want to make this transition as smoothly as possible. A strong gym management system is the key to making the whole process easier. This can make it simpler for seniors to check in, pay their dues, and find classes that they want to attend. Streamlining your gym management, of course, also benefits your staff.

Invest in Senior-Friendly Equipment

Including equipment in your gym that seniors prefer will help draw in the members that you want. Seniors tend to favor low-impact aerobic equipment like rowing machines and stationary bikes. This type of equipment is easy on the joints and provides a great workout opportunity for older individuals. Of course, it’s not just seniors who will appreciate this type of equipment. Many other people will enjoy the opportunity to get a low-impact workout at your gym.

Offer Classes That Attract Seniors

Zumba and other classes that provide high-intensity workouts are not attractive to everyone, and seniors in particular might shy away from them. Yoga, Tai Chi, and other low-impact classes can help seniors to build confidence at the gym and make them more likely to commit to membership.

The senior demographic makes up a large part of the U.S. population. Optimizing your gym to attract older members can be a good way to build membership and ensure the success of your business. If you’re ready to begin marketing your gym toward seniors, start with an easy-to-use gym management system. These systems deliver many benefits to members, staff, and managers. Contact Club Systems today to learn more about how state-of-the-art management systems can optimize the gym experience for seniors and other members.

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