Must-Have Fitness Center Fixtures to WOW Members

software to manage a gymAre you noticing a trend in memberships being created at your gym or health club, but you never actually see the members? You’re absolutely not alone. Around 67% of people with a membership do not use it. You’re doing the advertising, you’ve got the grand opening and the great equipment; now your members may just need some motivation to spend more time at your gym and less on their couch. Here are a few out-of-the-box ideas to add to your fitness center that will surprise and impress your members.

A juice or smoothie bar.

Healthy and delicious café options in general are a great draw for a gym crowd. Being able to sit with your gym buddies and chug a protein shake while you cool down feels fantastic.

Creative and trendy fitness class options.

Goat yoga? Hardcore juggling? Pole dancing? Find some people who can put together occasional creative and interesting fitness classes that will also pique people’s interest in the usual fare offered like yoga, Zumba, or Crossfit.

Clean locker and shower facilities — maybe with some extra luxury.

Believe it or not, yes, impeccably clean shower and locker facilities are a HUGE draw. For a special touch, throw in some fancy soaps or nice air fresheners. If you really wanna go big, gym members would go crazy for a well-kept sauna or steam room.

Personal training.

Some people just don’t know where to start on their gym rat journey. Offering personal trainers as an option is a great way to start inexperienced people on healthy exercise regimens, and at your fitness center, no less.

Specialized spaces like a rock climbing wall.

Does the sheer fun of a rock climbing wall even need to be explained?

Convenient software to manage a gym and streamline member experiences.

The best software to manage a gym will specifically include options for easily storing membership information and offer convenient check in software for gyms. Members love being able to have easy sign-in, sign-out access. It frees up the time of anybody running the front desk, too! Having an easily accessible space for members to store info, sign up for classes, or pay their membership creates an enjoyable, smooth experience. And yes — there are easy billing systems for gyms, too, and Health Club Systems can hook you up with one.

Health club management isn’t a cakewalk, but with some creativity and insight into your demographic, you’ll have a dedicated membership base in no time. Get those gym goers excited!

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