Gym Events that can Bring People Through Your Door

member account management softwareHave you been looking for ways to bring more people into your gym? Is advertising not doing as much as you had hoped? It could be time to consider hosting an event.

At least 58 million people go to a gym or health club annually. That means there are 58 million people, minus the ones that you already have as members, that you could potentially bring into your business. Hosting an event at your fitness center is a great way to bring people through the door, even if they aren’t members! Those non-members could potentially become members after attending your gym’s event. Want some ideas of what you can do? Keep reading.

Tasting Events

Finding healthy food that’s also delicious seems to be a struggle for many people. It might be the reason why they’re not eating well altogether. Invite people to come to your gym for a tasting event that features delicious, but healthy food. You can create a seasonal menu, show smoothie ideas, and even do a recipe demonstration to show people how easy cooking healthy meals is. You can have current members sign up for the event through the member account management software and have non-members call ahead. When the new members call, put their name, number, and email into your health club software and send them a confirmation email. After they receive the confirmation email from your gym, feel free to send them promotional emails as well.

Informational Seminars

Achieving a healthy lifestyle is a hot topic in the world these days. Just about everyone is looking for ways to keep their weight under control and to eat better. Hold a seminar on the topic of healthy eating and invite the entire community. You can have people sign up through the member account management software if they know someone already going to your gym, or they can create a new account where they can see recipes and other health information weekly.

Partner With a Local Business

Reach out to local businesses like juice bars or massage studios and ask if they’d be willing to work with you. Anytime someone visits their business, they can get a 20% off of their first visit to your gym. If anyone visits your gym for the first time, they can grab a juice from “Jane’s Juice Bar” at a discounted rate. Work together and use each other to get more business through the door. Keep track of who is taking a discount code from your gym and who is coming in with one through your health club management software.

Getting more people in the door is always the goal of any gym owner. Reach out to current clients through your member account management software and offer them a discount if they can refer a friend. If that doesn’t work, or if you want to try something in addition to that, give one of the events listed above a try!

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