Checking In: Tips For Impressing Your Members As Soon As They Walk In

check in systems for gyms

A gym needs to be more than just a place where people work out. As such, you need to invest more in the experience that your gym members are going to have when they come to your gym. The average gym member will visit the gym twice a week, and as the saying goes, ‘first impressions matter’.

One of the ways to ensure that your members keep coming back for more is to invest in what your members will see, feel and experience as soon as they walk into your gym. This means you might want to look into easier and more convenient check in systems for gyms and just how you can better utilize the resources at your disposal.

It Begins With You and Your Staff

It is essential to ensure that your operation is set up for maximum efficiency. You can invest in tools like gym management software to simplify your members’ check-in process. Some old and outdated tasks such as manual pen and paper check-ins can chase people from your gym. With how much modern technology has advanced, this can be a tedious process. Instead, look at options for digital check in systems for gyms.

Barcodes/Kiosk Sign In

There are several check in systems for gyms that come with features that can help you streamline the check-in process! For example, instead of having members queue at the entrance waiting for their chance to write their names and sign the check-in book, you can enable your members to check in with a barcode key or tag. This way, they will quickly scan their way into the gym, and no one will have to wait unnecessarily. Apart from it being time-saving, this will also help you ensure that members give accurate information. The result is that you will be able to track facility attendance more accurately.

Entrance Video Walk Through

It’s often said that the art of communication is the language of leadership. So when your members walk into your gym, you can welcome them with a nicely designed walk-in video. This will make all the difference for some members. Instead of them having to crack their heads and wonder how to do certain things, you can answer all their questions with a walk-in video. They’ll appreciate it!

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