Attract Tech-Savvy Millennials with a New Health Club Management System

Per a Global Consumer Exercise Trends Survey by Nielsen, up to 45% of millennials are known to exercise on a regular basis. These young consumers can be difficult to attract for a gym. It’s not that they don’t want to stay fit, the younger demographic actually cares quite a bit about staying healthy. You just need to have a health club management system in place that fits their values. Millennials tend to follow a mobile digital landscape that is quite dynamic. They also tend to have weak buying power so getting them to pay for a gym membership is a hard sell. Note, it’s a hard sell but it’s not impossible when you have a top health club management system in place.

Corner the Millennial Market with the Use of a New Health Club Management System

Think of Millennials as the prototype for generations to come. In order to gain their trust and their business, you need a health club management system that addresses many aspects including being mobile. The challenge is in getting these younger demos into your health club. Right now, they make up 35% of members. The good news is that the more they age, the more their habits within the fitness industry begin to shape and grow.

Reach out to Millennials with a health club management system that completely covers all of your services. Using this type of strategy to get them into your fitness center will encourage them to purchase memberships. It takes the right health club management software to create an experience they won’t forget. Per a study in 2016 by the Harris Group, 72% of Millennials were more likely to spend money on an experience rather than for material things. Your fitness facility needs to use online gym software that is both memorable, unique, and promotes ongoing engagement.

Customized Management Services Make Experiences More Personal

The best health club software makes it easy for you to customize and personalize your gym experience. When you utilize the ideal gym management software it shows that your facility is paying attention to the specific needs of Millennials. It takes services such as member CRM and automation, front desk check-ins, digital membership packages, a customized POS system, member mobile apps, a member portal, and advanced security that keeps your gym open 24/7. You can get all of this and more using a top health club management system. When you add all of those elements, you are offering an exclusive membership that is valued and desired.

Appeal to the Digital Natives

Millennials demand a different fitness club dynamic. They are digital natives having been born into a world where the internet has dominated their environment since they were very young. A digital landscape is expected including digital customer service. When your gym goes digital, you are ensuring accessibility, convenience, and fast interactions. Operating a gym goes beyond just providing a boutique gym experience, which is also important. Think outside of the gym and provide digital content that helps you create a sustainable fitness center that Millennials will flock to.

Follow the Smartphone and Stay Mobile

Today, Millennials shop online and spend a lot of time and money using their Smartphones. Your fitness center has to have mobile capabilities that are constantly updated, or you won’t get the attention of Millennials. Your digital partner for success is health club software companies that can provide you with a CRM that can be customized to target this specific demographic.

Millennials Will Sing Your Praises

An important aspect of garnering the attention and business of Millennials is the fact that they will tell everyone about your gym, brand, and services. They actively practice either purchasing services or boycotting them based on just a single event. Making sure your gym is digital and can cater to their needs just means you have an active marketing team that will make sure everyone knows your gym fits their criteria and preferences.

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