6 Ways to Make Your Gym Stand Out

Now that winter is here and the holidays have passed, many sluggish-feeling Americans are looking to follow through on those New Year’s resolutions and join a gym. In the United States, there are nearly 30,500 gyms and health clubs for them to choose from. So, what can a gym owner do to stand out in such a crowd? Here are some tips to help you get those potential members to join your gym.


Make it Memorable


If you want to draw new members to your gym, you should offer something different than the gyms nearby. Perhaps you give a discount to local business owners and their employees. You could offer free babysitting services. Maybe even put in a play center or smoothie bar or offer a family fitness class. Do some research and see what locals might want and what might set you apart from other gyms. People will be more likely to join your gym if you have something unique and memorable.


Get a Website


If you don’t have a website already, it’s time to get one. More and more people search for new gyms online and an impressive page can get you noticed. Your website should be easy to use, have good graphics, and show customers what you have to offer over other gyms. Include current gym member testimonials, class schedules, hours, location, contact info, and special services you offer. You should also have a presence on social media, such as Facebook or Instagram. Nowadays, customers want to see what you’re all about before they visit your gym.


Get a Management System for Gyms


Many people can’t have a successful business without a management system for gyms. A management system for gyms is software to manage a gym that can include an online billing system, check in systems for members, a mobile app, and monthly accounting reports. Members want the ability to view their accounts online and tend to think a business is behind the times if they don’t have online gym software. You can also manage your employees with a management system for gyms, increase your security, and give more access to members.


Get a Niche


One of the newest trends in fitness these days are niche gyms. A niche gym will focus on one type of fitness, such as yoga, rather than trying to cover all kinds of different exercises. You would need to hire knowledgeable staff and offer several different levels of whatever niche exercise you chose. This can bring in more members who are more serious about a certain type of fitness.


Partner Up


It can be a good idea to partner up with some of your neighboring businesses to spread the word about your gym and drive more traffic to the area. You could partner with a health food store, shoe store, or vitamin shop to host a run or healthy living class. Knowing your neighbors can also get you referrals.


Get Involved


Even if you don’t partner up with someone, you can get recognized and gain more members by being involved in the community. Volunteer or sponsor local events. You can host nutrition classes that are open to everyone or try a week-long family exercise program. Trainers and teachers can highlight what your gym has to offer during the events.


Reward Members


Sometimes, gym members tend to overlook their existing members. Retention is a good thing for business, so remember to reward your members. Give them discounts to exclusive classes or gift cards. If they sign up for a certain number of classes, give them a free class. You can also offer a discount on any products you may sell at your gym. It’s current members that can help spread the word about your gym.


Getting your gym to stand out can be a difficult task. However, winter is the perfect time to bring in new members. By offering unique programs, having a good online presence, keeping up with the times, and getting involved with your neighbors and the community, you can compete with even the largest gyms in your area.

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