6 Tips for Selecting the Best Health Club Software for Your Gym

health club software featuresIf you own or manage a health club, you may be in the market for a great gym management software package to help you better manage your facility. There are different health club software features you can get. The process of getting the right health club software system for your business may be daunting but these tips can help:

  1. Take a look at how much money you have on hand. When it comes to getting the right gym management system, you have to look at all of your revenue streams and what your bills are. Health clubs receive money from an array of different areas. There are membership fees, merchandise fees, the fees for extras such as personal training, using massage chairs, and whatever other services you provide that are not included in the membership fees. One of the most popular health club software features is the ability to track and manage incoming money and outgoing payments. You should look for a system that offers a Credit Card Auto Updater Service (CCAUS). This will automatically update the credit card information when a card expires.
  2. Find a system that makes it easier to communicate with your members. Another one of the popular health club software features is the feature that helps gyms stay in touch with the people who use it. This communication can be for telling them about new services or specials, reaching out to them with billing concerns, and can help schedule them for classes or personal training sessions. It has been estimated that about 67% of people who have gym memberships never go to the gym. You can get people back on track with their fitness goals by using your software system to reach out to them.
  3. The right software package can keep you in the loop when you are not at your business. This can allow you and your staff to see what is happening at your gym from anywhere. It can also help you promote your gym at area events such as flea markets and the like. You can also host promotional events and get a bigger bang for your buck with gym management software. If you are out at an event but can allow people to buy memberships, that can increase your bottom line.
  4. The right software package can allow for better website integration. You want to let people join your health club through your website. When you have the right health club software, this is a breeze.
  5. These packages can help your members use your services on their schedule. People like to manage their accounts remotely, online. We check our bank accounts, credit card balances, the status of investments, and a lot more. Why not let them manage their gym membership online? This can also encourage them to pay for and sign up for classes and sessions from the comfort of their home. This is another way the right health club management software can increase your bottom line. You can and should take this all a step further by using an app they can access from their phone. This can help people make workout plans, map out their goals and achievements and keep track of payments.
  6. The right system will include a good data management system. One of the best health club software features is the ability to manage your members’ data. This includes how often they come to your gym, what services are used the most often, what kinds of workouts and equipment are the most popular, who misses or shows up to appointments, and more. This can help you discontinue classes and services no one uses and up the number of classes and services that they like. This will make your health club more profitable.

At the end of the day, new health club software features make the idea of keeping everything on paper look like an antiquated plan, because it is. The right software package can help you keep up with payments and payment information, reach out to members when you want, and tailor your services and classes to your members’ needs and wants. This will help your bottom line.

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