6 Steps to Make Your Gym Stand Out

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So, you found the perfect location to open your own gym. You got trained and accredited, financed, and staffed. But then you realized that there are nearly 30,500 gyms and fitness clubs in the United States. So how can you make your gym stand out and increase your revenue? Try following these six steps.


1. Find your niche.


Okay, you’ve probably already decided whether you’re operating a yoga studio, aerobics center, or something else. But, if you are trying to offer too much—yoga, Pilates, aerobics, dance, AND cycling—you could be offering too much. You may think that the more you offer, the more members you will have, but the opposite can be true. People are looking for specialty, boutique health clubs nowadays. So zero in on what you do best. Specialty gyms can often charge more because of the different experiences they offer guests and the qualified teachers they use.


2. Offer something special.


Once you find your niche, go a little further and offer something unique that’s temporary to boost membership. Offer a yoga workshop for winter blues. Offer personal trainers if you don’t already. And try boot camps during different seasons so members can get a beach body in the spring or renew themselves for the New Year. You can even offer body composition and nutrition consultations for a fee.


3. Provide babysitters.


One of the top reasons people don’t join a fitness club is because they have no childcare or they want to spend more time with their kids. Going to a gym twice or more a week and leaving your kids at home can just feel selfish to some parents. So let them bring the kids along. Offer free babysitting, charge a small fee, or offer a family friendly class that parents and kids can do together.


4. Add retail items.


Perhaps one of the easiest ways to increase your revenue is to sell retail in your gym. Water, snacks, or workout clothes tend to fly off the shelves. Your customers will appreciate the convenience and feel better about buying from you for the things they need when they visit your gym.


5. Try new marketing techniques.


Believe it or not, one thing many gyms fail to do is to establish an online presence to draw new members. If you don’t already, you should have a webpage with good web design that is user-friendly. Try email marketing; get your name in a news story; write a blog; or hold a contest or giveaway. And don’t forget about social media, like Facebook and Twitter.


6. Get a health club management system.


Lastly, get a good health club management system if you aren’t already using one. A health club management system is software to manage a gym that can handle everything from online billing to scheduling. You can offer a check in system for your members that works with a fingerprint or code when they visit. You can schedule personal training sessions online; members can manage their accounts online; and employees can enter their hours online. The software allows you to make credit card transactions. Customers and employees can even enter the gym 24-7 with an advanced security health club management system.


With average monthly costs of gym memberships at $58, adding even a few new members or retaining the ones you have by following these tips can grow your revenue as an owner.

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