5 Gym Services You Can Offer to Your Members


Did you know that According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, the U.S. is home to about 30,500 gyms and health clubs? As people become more health conscious, gym and fitness services have gained popularity in recent years. They have evolved from basic centers where people use simple equipment to workout, to the sophisticated health and fitness centers you see today. Here are some of the most popular gym services you can offer to ensure your members get the most out of their gym experience.

1. Nutrition Services

Lately, gyms have been hiring nutrition experts as part of their key staff. The trainers work hand-in-hand with the nutritionists to curate appropriate diets for the different types of bodies people have. Food has a lot to do with our health, and it’s easy to see why fitness gurus have picked it up as part of core gym services.

2. Diverse Training

A gym instructor or trainer is more than a coach. They see you pushing beyond limits to reach your fitness goals. They also stand by you through your struggles and wins. So, it is critical that you and the trainer ‘click’.

Gyms are onboarding all variations of trainers in terms of gender, race, orientation, and even religion. They are doing this so they can correctly match members with their preferred trainer, which in turn improves their engagement with your services. Matching gym members with trainers they are comfortable with enhances their overall experience at your gym.

3. Exclusive Apps

Mobile applications are the in-thing when it comes to exclusivity. As a gym or health club, there is so much you can offer your members through an App. Such services could include helpful health content, payment links, booking services, customer care, an online shop with gym essentials, entertainment, and even session recording should they miss the in-person training.

4. Remote Sessions

Youtube is not the only platform that offers workouts remotely. Modern gyms find it quite easy to arrange remote group workouts. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, services that could be offered via online platforms weren’t disrupted. Gym services were among these services. Trainers would hold live or recorded training sessions with their teams. The ability to ‘go to the gym’ via zoom or any of the other applications meant that people could still exercise and meet their health and fitness goals. Past the pandemic, remote gym sessions have continued to complement in-person sessions.

5. Disabled Access

By law, people with disabilities, especially physical ones, have to be catered for and provided with access to facilities such as gyms. A great idea would be to curate a tailor-made package for differently-abled folks at a subsidized price.

The more sophisticated the health and fitness industry becomes, the more sophisticated members are getting. To keep them coming back to your gym, you will need to provide strategic and niche-themed services so everyone can feel valued and appreciated. If you’re looking for reliable gym management solutions, contact Club Systems today.

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