4 Ways to Keep Your Gym Records Organized and Secure

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Gym record security is a hard subject to handle. Your records and member interactions need to be private, and your members want to feel like their money and secrets are safe in your hands. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 58 million people go to a gym or health club every year. These people are going to be sharing sensitive information with the gym owner. They’ll also be paying monthly fees for services that will make them sweat. Make sure that sweat is from their workout, not from worrying about their money.

Use App-Based Payments and Records

Apps do more than just keep your payments secure and organized. They’re also an easy way for your members to schedule services and workouts with your gym. These apps make sure that the overall gym experience is consistent for all of your members and keep them up to date on your service options and workout changes throughout the week. They can also communicate workouts of the day to members who want to keep up with their fitness practices on days that they can’t make it to the gym. An account updater is also helpful to work with apps.

Encourage Members To Use an Account Updater

An account updater is a valuable service for gym members. Because so many payment-based apps are out there now, it’s important for members to consistently keep their records updated so that services don’t lapse – especially important for members who may forget to update their credit cards when they switch service providers.

Outsource Your IT Security

IT security procedures are one of the more important and overlooked practices for small businesses. Gyms are as prone to IT issues as any other small business, so it’s important to hire reliable professionals who can assist you with any trouble that pops up.

Minimize Physical Records and Keep Them Safe

Physical records are hard to organize. One sheet of paper out of place can mean a gym member’s records are incomplete, or worse, an important note for the member is lost forever. Electronic record keeping prevents member records from being separated and makes sure that your members’ needs are being met as their lives and bodies change.

Your objective as a gym owner is to help people with their fitness goals, not to wrangle with records. Let Club Systems’ software take the stress out of gym management. Contact us today to learn more.

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