4 Ways the Internet Can Save Your Gym Business

gymRight now, it’s important that gyms are able to be as competitive as possible, offering benefits to clients who have been spending more time at home. Due to the fact that COVID-19 forced many businesses to temporarily shut down, many gyms and health clubs have faced severe financial setbacks and must make active efforts to only appeal broadly to their potential clientele, but capture their long term business.

Fortunately, there is online software for gym management that is making it easier for business owners to offer new benefits and run exciting new programs. More and more gym users are relying on the internet to manage their gym memberships and ensure that they can get the most out of them. Below, we’re exploring some of the ways that health club software can help gym owners improve their businesses.

1. Offering EFT

EFT, or an electronic funds transfer, is a great feature offered by many health club management systems today, and with good reason. EFT essentially eliminates the need for gym members to use credit cards when paying for their memberships online. Rather, they are able to transfer the funds directly from their bank accounts to the gym. Additionally, they can set up recurring payments so that the funds are automatically drawn once a month.

Not only does this cut down on service fees that would typically be owed when members pay with credit cards; it also makes it easier for them to enroll in and keep up with memberships. Many people stay members longer simply because they forget to cancel their EFT and therefore pay for another month. This forces them to give their membership another try and nets more income for the gym. Essentially, both parties are able to benefit from this kind of online gym software.

2. Online Membership Management

What is more irritating than managing something over the phone or in-person that could be handled online? In today’s world, most people want to manage as many things as possible online, and their gym memberships are no exception. Not only should members be able to pay for their memberships online; they should also be able to manage them in general online. For example, many gyms offer tiers of memberships. Rather than speaking to a front desk employee, members should be able to choose or change their tier through an account on the gym’s website.

This is especially beneficial post-pandemic, when many people wish to work out in smaller classes, or by appointment. Roughly 36% of all regular exercisers take part in some kind of fitness class, and gym members can more easily enroll in their chosen class if they can pick time slots online. This also cuts down on the amount of work being done by staff, offering a personalized experience for clients and less confusion at the facility itself.

3. Online Marketing

Today, it’s important that fitness clubs are able to make members and potential members as aware as possible of the benefits they offer. Online marketing is key to this process. Through online marketing, health clubs can send out email blasts that advertise special deals, exciting classes, and facility updates.

Sales are especially great advertisements, particularly when they’re offered in conjunction with EFT. New members can sign up for short-term specials, enrolling in EFT. Once the sale is over, however, their payments remain automatic. Many people barely notice the difference in price. What mattered to them was the perception that they were paying less for the membership, and once they see the value of it they’ll stay on as members.

4. Accounting Systems

Right now, it’s especially important that health club owners are aware of how much they’re spending on things like advertising and upgrades compared to how much the facility is bringing in. This can be done much more efficiently through accounting software. This kind of software is less subject to human error and can be worked through in conjunction with systems like EFT.

Running a health club is intimidating right now. But it’s far from impossible. With the right software, you can make sure that yours survives these challenging times and offers amazing fitness opportunities for years to come.

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