4 Signs You’re Cut Out For Gym Management

health club management

Wondering if gym or health club management is the job for you? Running a business is difficult, and there are certain traits that the best gym owners have. Not everyone can handle it. Here are four signs that you CAN handle it.

    1. You don’t just enjoy people, you’re good with people. First off, managing a gym is a leadership position. You should be comfortable as a leader for your crew of employees first and foremost, who will depend upon you to call the shots and fix issues. Second, you’ll be dealing with customers and gym members. You’ll be handling money, and billing systems for gyms are not always intuitive for the member. Can you handle interactions, especially ones where you have to problem solve for a frustrated customer?
    2. You have a background in physical fitness. This may seem obvious, but some people venture into management territory purely because it seems lucrative and they have management experience. Health club management is going to be extremely stressful for someone who doesn’t know anything about physical fitness, workout routines, people in the industry, and emerging trends. If you can recognize a decent treadmill model and pick out a quality personal trainer from a crowd, you’d be comfortable in gym management.
    3. You have the savvy to grow and maintain a business. Yes, you need that combo of health and business savvy. Can you conduct job interviews for prospective employees? Do you have an idea of how to outline a business plan, budget, and come out with a profit? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs in the fitness industry is likely to increase by over 23% in the next 10 years. That’s a lot of competition. If competition doesn’t scare you, you’ll do well in a business leadership position.
    4. You’re passionate about your ideas, and other people are too. If you’re confident about the innovative ideas and vision you have for your gym or health club, that’s a great sign. Having other people around you getting excited is the cherry on top. If you let yourself explore innovative ideas that use your space, employees, equipment, and fitness studio software to their max potential, that drive may make your business successful over others.


What do you think? Do you recognize these four things in yourself? Start training up and looking for health club management software like Club Systems to be your partner.

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