3 Signs You’re Long Overdue For Gym Management Software

Owning a gym can be a fairly lucrative endeavor — but it all comes down to proper management. If you don’t have an efficient system in place, you’ll find it difficult to meet client expectations and to grow your reputation in the community. While maintaining clean facilities and investing in high-quality equipment will play a big role in customer retention, those aren’t the only features gym members care about.

In other words: if you don’t currently have a gym management software system, your facility could be missing out on major opportunities. Here are just three signs you’re desperately in need of software for gym management.

You’re Worried About How You’ll Handle Business Growth

Say your gym has been open for a relatively short period and is doing well. Your main focus should be growing your customer base, provided your facilities can handle additional memberships. But if you’re logistically unable to keep up with growing demand, you’re going to have a problem achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself.

If you’re currently devoting several hours a day on administrative duties for a modest number of clients, you already have an issue that needs to be addressed. After all, gym memberships are expected to grow by 23% over the next 10 years. Unless you’re in a position where you want to hire additional administrative staff (which isn’t the most cost-efficient move), you’ll need to embrace the automation technology that can provide. When you use software to manage a gym, you can free up your employees’ time while ensuring that those menial tasks still get done. This will allow you to focus your resources on where they really matter and will let you grow your business without being held back.

You’re Relying On Outdated Methods

If your gym has been in business for years or is owned by someone who isn’t particularly tech-savvy, your membership bookkeeping methods might be a bit traditional. In this case, that can be problematic. Keeping track of members through a manually entered spreadsheet or physical book can leave a lot of room for error.

If you’re struggling to keep class enrollment straight or don’t have a system for automatically renewing memberships, you need an improved gym management system. When you use software for gym management, you’ll alleviate a lot of those headaches that stem from antiquated booking and accounting and can relieve some administrative stress. Best of all, switching to these software programs will be a lot easier than you think; because they’re so user-friendly, you don’t have to be particularly skilled with computers to use them with ease.

You’re Struggling With Client Communications

Being able to easily contact your members is important. But if you’re relying on email blasts or you have to call them to chase down payments, you might end up annoying your members, end up in their spam folder, or risk not getting paid on time. Worse yet, you’ll end up adding unnecessary steps to the process that will make everything far more complicated.

Instead, consider using your software for gym management to create a specialized app or an integrated website experience. That way, your members can create their profiles, pay dues or renewals through the platform, keep track of class enrollments or personal training sessions, and receive any pertinent notifications automatically. By instructing members to download the app or use the website portal for all their needs, everyone will be able to keep track of all important details from one hub.

If you’re struggling with your current setup or are relying on methods that are no longer effective, it’s time to embrace using software for gym management. To learn more about our platform and how it can streamline the experience your gym or health club provides, please contact us today.

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