3 Classes to Hold at Your Gym for All Ages


According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, there are an estimated 30,500 operating health clubs and gyms in the U.S. Offering members a range of fitness classes is a great way to keep people engaged and exercising regularly. In addition to classes that appeal to a wide range of members, providing some niche options can help keep your gym full and active. There are many different classes that appeal to people at all fitness levels. Make sure that you have a few of the following courses offered at convenient times to gain a following of core participants.

1. Zumba and Other Dance Classes

Dance is a popular form of exercise, mainly because it’s fun. Participants get to socialize with friends, listen to music, and learn new routines. Dance sequences also engage the brain and help to keep older people feeling young. Dance is perfect for all ages and all levels of fitness. Instructors that offer modifications during the class expand the number of people who will stick with the class and return week after week.

2. Spinning

Spinning classes are often intense and considered a hardcore exercise option. However, indoor cycling classes can be tailored to meet the fitness needs of all types of people. Cycling is an exercise option that appeals to people because it’s easier on the joints and is considered a good entry point for anyone getting started on their fitness journey. Spin and other guided cycling classes that are presented in a more approachable manner can bring an entirely different group of participants into the gym.

3. Yoga and Mat Pilates

Stretching and core strength are essential at all ages. When gyms offer a range of classes for various skill levels, it creates a pipeline of participants moving through the different offerings. All ages can enjoy the slower pace of Kundalini classes, while folks further along on their fitness path can flock to Vinyasa flow classes. Offering something for everyone will attract a broader range of members. Helping people feel good keeps them coming back.

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