How Can A Embedded Calendar Widget Improve My Business?

check in software for gyms
When it comes to gym management software, you know that check in software for gyms can help things more efficient for gym members. But there are ways you can make your gym membership software even more efficient both for members and your business.

An embedded schedule or calendar widget can help to make class enrollment and management that much easier, especially for the 36% of all exercisers who participate regularly in some kind of fitness class. Here’s how an embedded calendar widget can improve your business and the overall experience of your gym members.

The calendar widget is simple to embed

It can feel intimidating to download a calendar widget for your gym membership software. You may feel like you need to hire someone new or a contractor to help you manage the system.

The good news is that the calendar widget is simple to install and manage. In fact, any web designer can embed the widget onto your health club or gym’s website for efficient use.

What’s more, your web designer can easily change the page to alter the header/footer code, change the colors, and change the theme of the page.

Gym members can easily access the information they need

Nothing wins over a customer’s heart quite like convenience. When you embed a calendar widget onto your gym membership software, all the information from the member portal and the “my member mobile app” connects to the widget.

This allows gym members to enroll in classes, pay for the class at the time of the enrollment if there’s a fee associated with the class they’ve enrolled in, or cancel the class reservation they’ve made if necessary.

You and your business managers can then see which gym members are attending each class so you can plan ahead and even market better to specific gym members who may be interested in certain classes.

Looking for software to manage a gym?

It’s challenging to run any kind of business, and opening a gym with a business plan doesn’t necessarily mean everything will be smooth sailing. Fortunately, Club Systems offers health club management software and check in software for gyms to make your job that much easier.

Whether you need assistance with health club billing, gym member management, or class scheduling, Club Systems has the software and software widgets you need. For more information about our check in software for gyms or our variety of health club software features, contact Club Systems today.

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