Easy Ways to Improve the Customer Service Experience at Your Gym

Gyms rely directly on their clientele for profit. While you might have some of the best equipment in the game, if your customer service is weak, your customers aren’t likely to come back through that door. Try incorporating these simple customer service benefits to keep your retention high and your customers happy.

Make membership easy and simple

Gyms usually run on monthly payment plans from their clients through a membership program. No one wants to hand over their money, so make this process as streamlined as possible. If a customer has trouble paying their bill or doesn’t understand what they’re being charged, they might just cancel altogether. The average price of a gym membership is around $60 per month — that’s a good chunk of change you’re missing if someone cancels their membership. Utilize a gym management system with a payment option. When you use reliable billing systems for gyms, your customers are guaranteed to pay their bills on time with ease.

Incorporating check in software for gyms is another great way to streamline the process for your customers. Instead of making them wait in line and sign their names, see if your gym management system offers a quick sign-in process through kiosks or through your customer’s phone. Try to utilize a good gym management system that also features member account management software

Offer perks and discounts

Offering special bonuses and perks when you sign up new members is a great way to make the customer feel like they’re getting a great deal. It’s a great marketing strategy to bring in new members. However, you still need to offer these perks for long-term members too. Say thank you to long withstanding members by offering birthday celebration options, coupons, and anniversary rewards (i.e. five-year members). Don’t be afraid to make your customer feel special for having been with you for so long.

Train your employees

Make sure your employees are smiling and engaged when they greet each and every customer. No one wants to walk through your doors to be greeted by a lackluster employee or by someone who’s too busy fiddling on their phone. Make sure you set a high standard for your employees to follow and reprimand those who aren’t up to snuff. Greet your customer when they come in. Say goodbye and thank you when they leave. These first and last impressions are essential to making your customer feel welcome and appreciated.

These simple tricks for better customer service are a sure-fire way to improve the retention and increase the membership at your gym. You’re not going to have a successful gym without happy customers.

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