Does YOUR Gym Membership Software Have These 5 Features?

gym management softwareLooking for new gym management software? Wondering exactly how fancy your options can get? If you’re looking for the most popular cutting-edge features in today’s new systems, look no further than these five essential options.


    1. Fitness Class Appointment Scheduling: When your gym gets busy, there’s all sorts of activity going on with you, your employees, and your members. Fitness classes especially need scheduling attention when 36% of regular gym-goers participate in various fitness classes of their choice. If you have organized scheduling, you can figure out who needs to be where when. Bonus points if it features color-coding and easy alterations.
    2. Email Marketing: Gym and health club management don’t always get to see members and update them in person. A corkboard in your gym space only does so much, too. To keep in touch with members and let them know what new and exciting things are coming soon to your gym, an email marketing function is a great choice in gym management software.
    3. Front Desk Check In: Convenient digital check-in systems for gyms means your guests can be wowed by signing with the latest tech: cards, key fobs, or even their fingerprints! Plus, automated check-in frees up employee time for other essential tasks
    4. Unlimited Workstations: You may not always be able to be in your gym to schedule something or fix a problem. When you are in your gym, you don’t want to be tied to your desktop workspace all day. If your management software allows you to log in to your digital workspace from any digital device at any location, you instantly have more room to move.
    5. Member Portal: Still getting checks and cash every month? Traditional billing systems for gyms could lead to lost payments and software headaches. Centering billing, class booking, and other member services in a portal for your members to easily access online neatly condenses and digitizes all your basic customer needs.


The best-designed management software allows you to easily manage your gym from anywhere. What else? It should make life simpler for your employees and members so they can focus on important things, not on checking in and wrestling with schedules. Choose software that will let your gym run smoothly and focus on the fitness.

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