What is ‘Churn’ and How Can Your Gym Avoid It?

health club softwareThere are approximately 30,500 gyms and health clubs in the United States. And during certain times of year, many of them experience a decrease in memberships, which is frequently referred to as ‘churn.’ Avoiding this with your gym can be difficult, but by taking some time to evaluate your current operational approach and consider making improvements, you can reduce the number of members canceling their memberships and keep a steady influx of new members coming in year round. Here are just a few ideas for avoiding churn within your gym or health club.

Optimize Orientation

One major aspect of overall membership management that many gym owners neglect is orientation. When a member registers for your gym’s services for the first time, it’s the best time to make a first impression and make sure the valued member has a full understanding of the range of equipment and other services your organization can provide, such as fitness classes. On the same level, if your gym takes advantage of any benefits offered by health club software, it’s your responsibility to ensure that every member knows how it will affect their experience for the better. Typically, the best way to accomplish all of these tasks is to schedule a personal tour with each new member where a knowledgeable staff member will provide a walkthrough of the entire facility and its features.

Continue To Follow Up

Though orientation is the first major step in helping each member form a positive relationship with your facility, it isn’t the only step. It’s important to continue to check in on members from time to time, encouraging any and all feedback and doing your best to address and implement it. Furthermore, it’s wise to consider offering free fitness evaluations periodically — ones that include professional input regarding diet and fitness goals.

“Follow up to see what new members or clients are enjoying, what questions they may have, and even what criticism they may have of your facility or services. Show you care about their experiences and what you can do to make them even better,” writes¬†NASM.

Ultimately, taking the time to evaluate your facility’s orientation and client management process is the key to minimizing churn and maintaining memberships. For more information about health club software to manage a gym or other types of health club management software, contact Club Systems.

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