Best Fitness Center and Gym Lead Gen Tips for 2019

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Lead Gen – The Lifeblood of Your Gym

There are around 30,000 gyms and fitness clubs in the United States. Standing out from the crowd can be tough. As more and more people in the United States become health conscious, it is important to know how to draw those people to your gym and get them to become members.

Software for gym management can be an important factor to help track and follow up with leads, however the first step is getting the lead. Here are the top lead gen tips for Gyms in 2019:

Gym Lead Gen in 2019:

Here’s the deal. Something like software for gym management is pretty universal. Billing systems for gyms or check in software for gyms can be plugged in at pretty much any gym in the world. That is not the case for selling gym memberships. Gym memberships, by nature, are fairly localized. Most fitness centers have 1 to 3 locations. Because of this, lead generation will focus on highly targeted geographic areas.

Using Facebook to Generate Leads: Facebook may seem like a worn out place to generate leads right now, but let us assure you – it isn’t. Use Facebook and Instagram to grow a following of gym enthusiasts in your area. Then leverage this following. In addition to being able to run highly geo-targeted advertisements, having a strong social media presence can be used to get other people to do free marketing for you. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools in the world. However, word of mouth is no longer two or three people talking together about something. Word of mouth is now about people sharing memes and relevant content on social media with their friends and family. Having a strong social presence allows people to do this for you. Additionally, having a Facebook and Instagram page allows people to contact you via those avenues. Perhaps they have questions about membership pricing, or maybe just about health and fitness in general. Use these contacts as an easy way to capture new leads.

Build a Professional Website: Websites are expected by customers. Not having a professional looking website can be a deal breaker for people who are shopping for a new gym. People are attracted to companies and gyms who have the latest and greatest technology. Not having a website gives off the impression that you are “behind the times,” which translates to a loss of confidence. Additionally, having a website allows your gym to be indexed with Google and other search engines. That means if someone is searching for a “fitness center in Dallas Texas” (or where ever you are located), your gym shows up. This is not as hard as it sounds either. There are many health club software that is harder to set up than a website (though our software for gym management is quite simple). After setting up a website, make sure there is a promotional offer on the home page that entices potential new members to fill out a form or stop by the gym. Popular promos are week long free memberships, 3 day punch passes, and waiving the enrollment fee.

Build an Email List: Emails can be a powerful way to generate new leads. Build an email list of your current members, past members, and any visitor to your website or social media who fills out an email form. Email lists can be used to bring added value to your gym members by providing them with exercise and nutrition tips. Once you have built out an email list, occasionally send offers to people who are not currently members of your gym. Additionally, use your email list to create referral bonuses for members who bring a friend to the gym. This is another great way to increase gym membership and retention.

Texting and QR Codes on Business Cards: Time to revamp the business cards. On each of your business cards, there should be a QR code that people can scan in order contact you. Or if QR codes are a bit beyond your ability right now, at least add a text code that people can use. Texting is the new calling. Get a software for gym management that can manage texts.

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