9 Ways to Reimagine Your Gym During the Pandemic

health club software featuresIf you own a small gym or health club, you might be looking for a new way of doing business due to the pandemic. While memberships might be down, gyms can still play a vital role in people’s lives. In fact, exercise is more important than ever. Even before COVID-19, fewer than 5% of adults were getting the recommended 30 minutes of daily activity. Rather than close your doors, try these nine tips to reimagine your business and survive the pandemic.

Go Online

If you haven’t moved your business online, now is the time to do it. You can offer classes, one-on-one instruction, tutorials, diet plans, merchandise, and consultations simply by creating or improving your website. You can also do a lot through social media platforms, such as Facebook, which works well to draw in more members and lets the community know what’s happening at your gym.

Offer Health Club Software Features

You should consider getting online gym software if you don’t have it yet. Health club software features enable you to manage your employees and members remotely, efficiently, and quickly. Health club software features typically include monthly accounting reports, employee scheduling, and membership billing. Members like having health club software features, such as an app for online bill payments or to view their account information.

Go Outdoors

Another option for reimagining your health club is to take it outdoors. You might be limited in the number of members you can have inside, but you can hold classes outside or even move equipment outside. As the weather changes, get creative. Turn your parking lot into an ice-skating rink and offer instruction. Alternatively, you could schedule running, hiking, mountain climbing, snowshoeing, sledding, or cross country skiing instruction as a way for members to stay active as the seasons change.

Offer Delivery

A great way to reach people and sell more merchandise is to offer delivery or curbside pickup. More people are shopping online now instead of in stores. Don’t miss out on this lucrative opportunity. If you aren’t selling your merchandise online, start now. This can be a great way to keep your business afloat even if attendance is down.

Create Something New

If you have a specialty item that your customers go nuts for — whether it’s a yoga prop that you swear by, a great fitness tracker, or an amazing trail mix — get or produce more of it. Spread the word that you’ve stocked up or run a special to sell more. Your loyal members will want to buy to support their gym, you can get new customer interest, and you’ll generate income.

Design a Specialty Kit

Along with producing merchandise, you could sell a specialty “kit” for your customers, such as an at-home yoga kit. You could include a yoga mat, a block or strap, photos or illustrations of poses, a water bottle, or a URL that gives them private access to video instruction. Be sure to include a schedule of upcoming classes and perhaps a free class voucher. Even if members aren’t physically in your gym, you can remain an important part of their daily fitness routine.

Come Up with a Subscription

Many businesses are having success selling subscription packages. You can have a monthly or even weekly subscription that your customers receive in the mail. Each subscription box would have a different theme and include merchandise, vouchers, and a newsletter. You could offer a fall-themed subscription box with a stocking cap, hand warmer, and energy bars. In your newsletter, include an article about the physical benefits of hiking.

Share Content

A great way to generate more interest in your gym is to share how-to content online. Post a video of how to cook a healthy meal the entire family will enjoy or have an employee demonstrate the proper way to stretch before and after a workout. You could also share how to create the perfect at-home workout space. By staying connected this way, you can keep the members you have and gain new ones.

Get Involved in the Community

Now, more than ever, there are people in your community that need help. Get involved by having a buy-one, donate-one event with your merchandise or organize a run or walk that benefits the local food bank. Your gym will stand out and you’ll make a difference when people need it most.

Owning a gym can be a challenge even without a health crisis. Luckily, there are several ways to reimagine your business so that you succeed. Much of what you do on-site can be done virtually and, with some imagination, can be done safely in new ways.

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