4 Fatal Mistakes Fitness Clubs Makes

Fitness and health club management isn’t always a breeze. You’re prepared for the ups and downs, the lulls and the busy post-holiday season. But what about when business just isn’t picking up, or your member retention is abysmal? Here are four common reasons fitness clubs are driving away members.

Bad Lighting

Lighting is everything. It affects the way people see themselves and their mood. It’s a matter of safety. It can cost you thousands of dollars extra if it’s not efficient. Invest in good lighting! Natural light is great wherever possible, but LEDs are a popular choice for bright, safe, long-lasting lighting that is also energy-efficient.

Accidental Double-Booking or Overbooking

There is no easier way to P.O. a member than to accidentally double-book or over-book a class or piece of equipment. Often this happens because your booking system is flawed or you have two booking systems that don’t synch up. Choose one all-inclusive fitness studio software or gym management system that won’t cause communication issues.

Undertrained and/or Unhelpful Staff

When a new member comes in, they especially want to be greeted by helpful, attentive staff. Make sure employees are visible as employees, not just exercising in street clothes on the job. Have all employees be knowledgeable about events and classes coming up. Everyone should know who to refer members to when they have specific questions or concerns.

Not Making It Worth The Cost

Branding as a ‘health club’ or ‘fitness studio’ as opposed to a gym often means tacking on a premium price. Customers will pay it — if it’s worth it. On average, the monthly cost of a gym membership is around $58. If you’re going to charge more than that, you should have features, staff, and cleanliness that reassure members they’re making a good investment. If you’re going to charge more than $10/month chain gyms, at least make the amenities better than theirs.

Got all that? Better lighting. Reliable fitness studio software to manage a gym cohesively. Attentive and knowledgeable staff. Get all those done and you may just reach number four (making your gym worth the cost) while you’re at it!

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