Worrying About the Future of Your Health Club?

The elections have ended and a winner has been chosen. As always with each election the people of the United States are unsure of what the future holds for us, which brings up a good question… Are you worrying about the future of your health club? One of the biggest issues facing health clubs is Read More

Turn New Members into Lasting Clients

Each year the #1 New Year’s resolution for Americans is to… lose weight. This results in a huge increase for health club memberships. Then a couple months later your new members start to become lethargic and not wanting to attend the club. That usually leads to new members wanting to cancel their memberships and health Read More

Establishing Solid Customer Relationships

Establishing solid customer relationships appears fairly simple on the surface, but these connections require a lot of your time and effort. Developing and retaining these ties can sometimes feel demanding and even overwhelming, but the rewards can be satisfying. Personal connections, whether established over weeks, months or years, could potentially lead to a positive word-of-mouth, Read More

Salespeople Can Learn From Fantasy Football

According to FSTA, there are more than 56 million participants playing fantasy football, if you’re like them then you’ll probably be gearing up for your big fantasy draft. Let’s take a look at what salespeople can learn from fantasy football. Yes, fantasy football does have a lot in common with sales. Not being prepared is a Read More

No Excuses

This is it! You are on a downward slope for the second half of the year. Did you reach your goals for the first half of the year? If not, no worries. You still have plenty of time to finish strong as long as you accept no excuses from yourself. Having no excuses means continuously Read More

Saving Money and Time

Planning and scheduling are vital for keeping your business organized and focused on goals and opportunities. Professional work can be planned, and planned work can be less expensive than work that has no plan. Planning and scheduling go together like two peas in a pod. Planning determines what goals you will accomplish and the path Read More