Increase Your Gyms Efficiency

Get your clients feedback to increase your gyms efficiency and improve your earnings. Sometimes the best way to get new clients is by asking your current and loyal clients what they think about your business. Ask them to fill out a survey and get their input on how to improve your business. Ask them questions Read More

Establishing Solid Customer Relationships

Establishing solid customer relationships appears fairly simple on the surface, but these connections require a lot of your time and effort. Developing and retaining these ties can sometimes feel demanding and even overwhelming, but the rewards can be satisfying. Personal connections, whether established over weeks, months or years, could potentially lead to a positive word-of-mouth, Read More

Don’t Just “Sell” Them

Number-one marketing strategy when your selling gym memberships (or any product, or service for that matter) is to get to know the “needs” and “wants” of your customers. In order to really know how to sell to your customers, you’ll need to evaluate them beyond what’s on the surface. You need to fully understand them Read More

Listening To Your Clients?

Are you listening to your clients? Every good conversation starts with good listening. When working with a potential client, who are you listening to more? Yourself, or your client? Are you trying to sell your customers? Or, are you putting yourself in their shoes and removing any obstacles to their buying experience? Your familiar habit Read More