Increase Your Gyms Efficiency

Get your clients feedback to increase your gyms efficiency and improve your earnings. Sometimes the best way to get new clients is by asking your current and loyal clients what they think about your business. Ask them to fill out a survey and get their input on how to improve your business. Ask them questions Read More

Increase Business with Promotions

2016 is just a few weeks away and fitness resolutions will be on the rise…will your business be ready to bring in new clients? This is the easiest time of year to bring in new clients to your gym!  Prospective leads are ready to devote themselves to getting “FIT”, at least for the first month Read More

Increase Revenue by Adding Services

Low attendance is a major issue for gym owners, as well as, prospects visiting your gym one time, but deciding to not buy your gym membership. One common reason this can happen is that your gym might not offer enough services for customers. Offering services other than the regular fitness equipment can increase foot-traffic and Read More

Establishing Solid Customer Relationships

Establishing solid customer relationships appears fairly simple on the surface, but these connections require a lot of your time and effort. Developing and retaining these ties can sometimes feel demanding and even overwhelming, but the rewards can be satisfying. Personal connections, whether established over weeks, months or years, could potentially lead to a positive word-of-mouth, Read More

Saving Money and Time

Planning and scheduling are vital for keeping your business organized and focused on goals and opportunities. Professional work can be planned, and planned work can be less expensive than work that has no plan. Planning and scheduling go together like two peas in a pod. Planning determines what goals you will accomplish and the path Read More

Enhancing Your Customer’s Experience

Like many gym owners, you are concerned about making sure your customers have an enjoyable and outstanding experience when they workout at your gym. It’s the number one area owners devote the most time towards. Here are some reasons why you should devote more time and resources into enhancing your customer’s experience. Helps increase customer Read More

Don’t Just “Sell” Them

Number-one marketing strategy when your selling gym memberships (or any product, or service for that matter) is to get to know the “needs” and “wants” of your customers. In order to really know how to sell to your customers, you’ll need to evaluate them beyond what’s on the surface. You need to fully understand them Read More

Gain New Members on Independence Day

Fourth of July is always a HUGE holiday no matter where you are at in the USA. What’s even better for your business is that July 4th falls on a Saturday in 2015. So, how will you market effectively to gain new members on Independence Day? This July 4th holiday will bring multiple opportunities for Read More

Be Proactive & Productive

For some gyms, the summer is the busiest time of year. For others, it’s the slow season. Regardless of your situation, there are things gym owners can do this summer to be proactive & productive. Whether you’re taking advantage of the extra foot traffic in your store or some quiet time to reflect and think Read More

Need Your Money On Time?

The answer should be YES! Who doesn’t want their money on time? You need it right away in order to run your business, pay your employees and even pay yourself! But, what happens when your current software and payment processing companies are not paying you on time? The answer is…chaos! Believe it, or not, tons Read More