Worrying About the Future of Your Health Club?

The elections have ended and a winner has been chosen. As always with each election the people of the United States are unsure of what the future holds for us, which brings up a good question… Are you worrying about the future of your health club? One of the biggest issues facing health clubs is Read More

Influence Your Community

What’s your goal for your company’s influence within your community? Is that goal big enough? Health clubs can have the biggest influence within their communities. Your value can often be underestimated. Yet, there is nothing to underestimate about the imprint clubs have on their clients. Your influence should be at the center of your business. Read More

How to Upkeep Your Health Club

Would you go to a gym that has shaky workout stations, broken treadmills or wobbly benches? No? Neither would your potential clients. Health club owners know the importance of having to upkeep their club. Sales can diminish due to mechanical problems, dirty equipment and bad customer service. Improper upkeep can be a costly exercise. Here Read More

Don’t Get Stuck In the Commodity Business

What method of marketing will be more effective than your website, referrals, direct mailing or advertising? It’s the difference between you and your competition. It’s the competitive advantages that your gym offers and others don’t. The most dominant marketing strategy will have little to do with promotions, websites, direct mailings, referrals or even the occasional Read More

Increase Your Gyms Efficiency

Get your clients feedback to increase your gyms efficiency and improve your earnings. Sometimes the best way to get new clients is by asking your current and loyal clients what they think about your business. Ask them to fill out a survey and get their input on how to improve your business. Ask them questions Read More

Making Important Decisions

Making important decisions regarding your health club business can be stressful. But it has to be done in order to get ahead of the game and get results. Here are five recommendations we put together on making the right business decisions. Know your company. Collect all of your critical business reports and information that affects Read More

Increase Revenue by Adding Services

Low attendance is a major issue for gym owners, as well as, prospects visiting your gym one time, but deciding to not buy your gym membership. One common reason this can happen is that your gym might not offer enough services for customers. Offering services other than the regular fitness equipment can increase foot-traffic and Read More

Are You Ready For A Spooktacular Halloween?

Are you ready for a spooktacular Halloween? You should be! According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween has turned into the 3rd largest holiday for the United States. American’s spend roughly $6.9 billion dollars on costumes, decorations, candy and more for their festivities. Halloween presents great opportunities for your business to promote itself while having Read More

Establishing Solid Customer Relationships

Establishing solid customer relationships appears fairly simple on the surface, but these connections require a lot of your time and effort. Developing and retaining these ties can sometimes feel demanding and even overwhelming, but the rewards can be satisfying. Personal connections, whether established over weeks, months or years, could potentially lead to a positive word-of-mouth, Read More

Outperform the Competition

Social Media Networks are part of building a strong community within your gym. They connect people in ways that were not possible for past generations. Facebook, Twitter, Email Campaigns and other social networks have taken social connecting to another level. The magnitude of these networks have spread into every aspect of your client’s daily life. Social Read More