Now Is Your Chance to Gain New Members

bigstock-trail-runnerIt’s getting colder, people are staying out of the gym and starting to bundle up for the winter time. Don’t worry… New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner. Brace yourselves! But, what are you doing to help encourage potential members to sign-up before the big fitness resolutions rush? Now is your chance to gain new members!

Here are some ways to make your health club the place to join in December:

Run a holiday special: Best way to bring in new members during the winter is to give them the gift of fitness. Run a sale now that will be better than your News Year’s sales specials.

Send Out Promotions: Use Club Systems Email Wizard to send out promotions to current members offering them a discount if they sign-up a friend or family member.

Run a Santa’s Bootcamp: Offer a free “gift” to non-members in your community. Host Santa’s Bootcamp and have your trainers dress in their best Christmas gear.

Sponsor an Event: Christmas can bring about many events within your community. Look to sponsor a booth and market your club, plus offer special deals.

Don’t take a break this holiday season and don’t rely on the New Year’s rush. You have many potential opportunities to gain new members now. What are you waiting for?

Use Club Systems Software Management today and see how easy it is to sign-up new members!

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