Influence Your Community

Women doing push ups training arms with trx fitness straps in thWhat’s your goal for your company’s influence within your community? Is that goal big enough?

Health clubs can have the biggest influence within their communities. Your value can often be underestimated. Yet, there is nothing to underestimate about the imprint clubs have on their clients.

Your influence should be at the center of your business. When you put helping others as the key part of your business then everything else can start falling in place. Here are a couple of things you can do to be an influence within your community:

5k’s: Host, or sponsor, a 5k that raises money for cancer patients, wounded warriors or college scholarships.

Bootcamp’s: Connect with your local Police department or Fire department and offer a free bootcamp for the community to work out with them.

The key is to develop a goal that focuses on the imprint your company can achieve within your community. Let it become the energy which inspires you to do more.

Without influence your club could lose out on so many opportunities. Ask yourself what kind of influence your club could have in the community, and then find ways to make it happen.

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