How to Upkeep Your Health Club

sport, fitness, lifestyle and people concept - group of men flexWould you go to a gym that has shaky workout stations, broken treadmills or wobbly benches? No? Neither would your potential clients.

Health club owners know the importance of having to upkeep their club. Sales can diminish due to mechanical problems, dirty equipment and bad customer service. Improper upkeep can be a costly exercise. Here are some tips to upkeep your gym:

Make repairs: Don’t just place a “Do Not Use” sign on the equipment and leave it there for months. Get a professional to fix it A-S-A-P. If it’s beyond repair then get it off the floor. You want your club to maintain an image of working order. Broken equipment can deter prospective clients from wanting to join.

Clean: Your clients are using your club to get healthy, not catch a virus. Schedule your staff to routinely wipe down equipment, pick-up weights off the floor, clean up the locker rooms and the showers. A clean facility attracts more clients.

Smile: Bad customer service is just as horrible as broken equipment. Clients want to feel welcomed when at a gym, so smile and be helpful even if you’re having a bad day.

Similarly, any club not maintaining their payment processing or software management could place strain on your business’ productivity. Having the very best software management system in place is essential for clubs daily needs and Club Systems can help.

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