X-Capture Module

Health Club Software for TabletsThe X-Capture module is designed around signing people up using a mobile device. We know that sometimes your sales don’t always occur on site at the front desk of your health club or fitness facility. Maybe you’re doing a promotion and standing outside a grocery store to get people to sign up, or maybe your sales person is walking throughout the gym and not at the computer.

We have a template page that you can use to build around the different membership packages that you sell. This page can be loaded on mobile device, and the member can type in his/her own information and sign digitally with just a finger.

Sign up new members in your facility using an IPad® or PC Tablet.

health club software x capture finger signatureIn just 3 simple steps you’ll:

  • Setup your membership types and packages to be sold.
  • Design your template with a color scheme and your club’s logo.
  • Add in your membership terms and waiver information.

Then start selling memberships right from your mobile device! Don’t have tablet? No problem. Use your laptop or computer. Member’s can sign using the mouse!

Click here for a demo (coming soon).

health club software x capture setup form