Don’t Get Stuck In the Commodity Business

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What method of marketing will be more effective than your website, referrals, direct mailing or advertising? It’s the difference between you and your competition. It’s the competitive advantages that your gym offers and others don’t.

The most dominant marketing strategy will have little to do with promotions, websites, direct mailings, referrals or even the occasional blog. You have to uncover ways that your business is different from others in the industry before these other marketing efforts can make an impact for your business.

Don’t Get Stuck In the Commodity Business

Don’t get stuck in the commodity business. Don’t allow your business to be the norm or give the usual quality of service. Stake your claim on a simple idea or premise in the minds of your potential clients. Sometimes the simplest ideas turn out to be your biggest difference against your competitors.

Let’s look at some ways to uniquely stand out.

Product: Are you offering any new ways for your client to get fit? Maybe you can resurrect an effective method that historic athletes used to stay in shape…

Service: Does your service stand out compared to others? Client complaints in health clubs are usually made towards the lack of quality service they are given from the staff. What are you doing to create an optimal service for clients?

Offers: Are your membership offers helping you or hurting you? Are you losing out on sales because of the lack of classes, personal training or equipment? Research your competitor’s offers and services to see how you can differentiate.

Commit to what makes your business unique and avoid being un-appealing. Building your brand takes time, effort and patience. The payoff is what will separate you from your competition.

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