Form Letter WizardsAnytime you want to generate a piece from the data entered into the software – whether it’s a report, graph, chart, form letter, email blast, or voice blast – the wizard module will assist you in doing so.

Form Letters

Generate email blasts to all members, prospects or employees. Emails can be sent to separate groups of members (for example, members with upcoming birthdates or expiring next month).

Send past due notices to members with balances. When memberships are reaching their fulfillment date, Club Systems can automatically send advanced renewal notices in a client specified time frame.

health club software billing statement wizard

Send welcome letters, which are a great way to show your appreciate for their patronage and maintain a high level of member contact during the crucial first months of membership. Inform your new customers of upcoming events or send out a standard letter encouraging a positive fitness experience. Include attachments with emails for newsletters or current advertisements.

health club software form letter wizard

If you want to send physical mailings to members and prospects, let Club Systems print, fold, stuff and stamp letters. Have us print on your letterhead, or form letter style, so the letter will look to have been sent by the club. Inserts can be included for facility advertisements, current membership specials, upcoming events, etc.

Electronic and physical letters are optional in Full Service and available as add on feature to Basic Offer.

Reports and Graphs

Embedded in the reports section are over 250 pre-built listings. You’ll find everything from past due reports to visit history or billing statistics to daily cash drawer activity. Or, write your own custom queries and save them for daily use and export to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Graph out full color member attrition statistics or Point of Sale department totals using the Graphs and Charts Wizard.

Contact Club Systems to inquire about our software’s other wizard modules.