Scheduling Classes

Health Club Scheduling SoftwareThe scheduling module acts as a complete appointment book where you can schedule times and locations for group classes, personal trainer sessions, or special services – you can schedule who is leading the class or session as well as who is attending.

Health Club Scheduling Software

health club software scheduling check-in appointmentManage activity courts, exercise rooms, private training, as well as tanning bed slots or tours for sales representatives. Appointments can be color coded to correlate to the type of appointment scheduled.

Whether you’re setting up a room for spin, pilates, yoga, weight-training, or swimming class, this module will help you do it all. Using the class module, you can create weekly schedules with attached instructors and member capacities. Members can enroll ahead of schedule and be checked-in for each class for tracking reports.

health club software class schedulesPersonal trainers can set recurring appointments, attach pre-purchased packaged sessions to a member appointment and mark appointments as show/no show for charging purposes.