Prospect and Sales

Health Club Prospecting Software
This module acts as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program where you can keep track of customer leads and schedule how and when you maintain your contact with them.
Keep detailed demographic information on prospective members for use in mail-outs and email blasts.
health club software prospects email signupCreate and track advertising codes for market planning. Give prospects access to the facility with expiring virtual passes for use with the check-in module.

Health Club Prospecting

health club software prospects updateRecord communication history with members, such as phone calls, letters mailed, etc. Set guided tours on salesman’s schedules. Graph phone call to tour ratios and chart closing percentages on converted prospects by sales representative.

You can even set commission rate schedules for each employee in their user profile and pay sales reps on sign up fees or monthly recurring amount based on the members they add to your club in a given time frame.