Create a Habit

It’s a New Year, which means everyone is making their New Year’s Resolutions, but what if you did something different? Resolutions are easy to break, so instead create a habit. Habits become a part of you and keep you consistent at running a health club. Habits can be the main drivers that determine your success Read More

Turn New Members into Lasting Clients

Each year the #1 New Year’s resolution for Americans is to… lose weight. This results in a huge increase for health club memberships. Then a couple months later your new members start to become lethargic and not wanting to attend the club. That usually leads to new members wanting to cancel their memberships and health Read More

Salespeople Can Learn From Fantasy Football

According to FSTA, there are more than 56 million participants playing fantasy football, if you’re like them then you’ll probably be gearing up for your big fantasy draft. Let’s take a look at what salespeople can learn from fantasy football. Yes, fantasy football does have a lot in common with sales. Not being prepared is a Read More

Are You Focusing On Your Gym’s Pro Shop?

Spring is in full blossom! Clients are strutting their stuff with the warmer weather and classes are filling up. Life is good for gym owners. As always, no matter how well you are doing, it’s good to look for continuous avenues of revenue. We’re not talking about adding more classes or personal trainers to your Read More

Don’t just train…Market yourself!

Every year new gym owners are jumping head first into starting their small business. These gym owners have barely gained experience in running a business prior to opening their gym. Rather, they only have experience with group classes or personal training. This lack of experience can become a rude awakening when you’re in the thick Read More

Point of Sale, The Club Systems Way

Wondering how our Point of Sale system works? Watch our CEO, Eric Speer, give a brief overview of the features included in our health club management software! From purchasing a membership to grabbing a bottle of water, your guests can easily pay while your staff can quickly manage the transactions. We can talk about it Read More

Evaluating the Experience of Your Health Club

As a health club owner or manager, it’s crucial to constantly assess your business and make changes when necessary. This is especially true when considering the experience of the your gym members. To make sure you’re improving, ask yourself these questions: Do I provide the amenities my guests or potential members seek? Am I gathering Read More

How Music Can Affect Your Health Club Members

Working out is as much of a mental act as it is a physical one. Therefore, all of your senses are typically more alert, which can play a role in how you exercise. Health clubs realize this and look to optimize every part of the experience, including what you hear. Making sure your guests are Read More

Make Your Personal Trainers More Efficient

The trainers you have on staff at your health club are essential personnel. That’s why it is vital to equip them with the right tools and knowledge so that they can succeed. Their main goal is to change the lives of your gym members positively so whenever there is an opportunity to make that task Read More

Better Gym Management: Inspire Your Club Employees

Managing a health club is a huge task and no one person can do it alone. Having a dedicated, hard-working team behind you is vital to running a successful gym. Therefore, it is important to inspire and incentivize your team to be their best. Here are a few ways to do so: Be a leader Read More