Soft Collections

  • past_duePost bank returns and credit card declines
  • Apply late fees
  • Generate and mail letters
  • Send return item emails
  • Send a friendly call recording or SMS text
  • Follow up with past due notices 30/60/90

As bank EFT and credit card declines are received, Club Systems data entry clerks will post the return item to your members’ account automatically. To help you keep your return item fees at a minimum, accounts that return multiple times or for invalid account reasons can be switched a monthly bill / collection status. We do what we can to reduce unnecessary fees for your club or facility.

As an additional feature to Return and Decline Processing, Club Systems can send out letters to your delinquent accounts informing them of the return. We can also notify your members instantly with a generated email, voice recording or sms/text blast to delinquent accounts. A link can be provided on the email and letters for access to our Online Member Portal where your members can log in and pay their bills online.

Return item letters and emails are included with Full Service and optional with Basic Offer package.