Member Data Management

data_managementThis service feature allows us to become an expanded back office for your health club. Beyond taking phone calls from members to answer their questions, we also become the full billing office. We can handle the following services:

Manage Account Changes

If a member wants to make change on his/her account, whether it’s a new address or credit card number, we’ll take responsibility for updating the account. Additionally, our office staff will update member accounts at your request, such as making status code changes, increasing the dues amount, or include a return item / delinquent fee, etc.

Post Payments

If they have a balance, we can take payments from members and get their account back in good standing.

Manage Account Freezes

If your club facility allows members to freeze their accounts – due to maternity leave, military deployment, or other reason – we can hold their billing while keeping them active in the system. Once they’re ready to become paying members, we’ll resume billing.

Process Cancellations

We can cancel member accounts for any reason, whether they have expired or for any reason outlined by your club’s policy.