Back Office Services

health-club-member-collections-managementThe Full Service package is for clubs who want us to do more beyond monthly dues processing, including any administrative or business functions that have to do with accounts receivable.

Many club owners feel the need to remove themselves from answering billing questions to be able to concentrate on member fitness services. We provide a Full Service option that allows you to maintain the high level of control that comes with Standard Service, while retaining a degree of separation from dues collection.

Choose from our available list of services and contact us today to have us tailor a service package for your club.

Back Office Services

Starting at $499, the Full Service package is our complete club solution, which encompasses all aspects of our lower-priced Basic Offer package – software modules and dues processing – and adds the following features:

Club Systems will act as your member management office, following all rules and regulations as laid out in your club’s contract and policies regarding member services. Full Service clubs have a Personal Account Representative as their point of contact for all questions, feedback and open communications.